2012 NTD Television
Chinese International Photography Competition Rules and Regulations

Download "NTD Television 4th Chinese International Photography Competition Rules and Regulations" (PDF, 293KB)

Download "Registration Form of NTD Television 4th Chinese International Photography Competition" (PDF, 461KB)


The Chinese International Photography Competition is one of a series of international cultural arts contests sponsored by New Tang Dynasty Television. Its purpose is to increase the sharing of cultural arts globally among Chinese who love photography, to uphold traditional Chinese arts philosophy, to promote artistic works portraying intrinsic reality with implications of compassion, gracefulness, brightness and righteousness.


The "NTD Television Chinese International Photography Competition" is hosted by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD Television). NTD Television will broadcast the competition proceedings on its satellite channel, reaching homes across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Panel of Judges

Judges are selected for their expertise in photography and the fine arts. The panel of judges will follow the competition’s mission, standards, and guidelines in evaluating each submission.

Categories and Requirements

  1. I. Categories:
    • Category A: News and Global Events
      This category is for documentary and news-related photographs. The image must have meaning within the context of a recently published article or record of events. The image must be a fair and accurate representation of the event it depicts.
    • Category B: Society and Humanity
      This category includes photographs focusing on human life and folk culture in its natural state, humor, people and animals, and people and the environment. Partial adjustment of the brightness and color variation of photos is allowed. Sharpening adjustments are allowed, but cannot reduce the photo’s natural effect.
    • Category C: Nature and Landscapes
      The category includes photographs of any landscape or object in a natural state regardless of geographical location, weather or season, such as blizzards, rains, mists, sunrises, sunsets, flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, animals, plants, etc. Partial adjustment of the brightness and color variation of photos is allowed. Sharpening adjustments are allowed, but cannot reduce the photo’s natural effect.
  2. II. Requirements:
    • Submitted work cannot have been previously published nor received awards at any other photography competition.
    • Each contestant can submit a maximum of Four entries per category, not exceeding Twelve entries altogether.
    • The overall theme of each entry is at the discretion of the photographer, however, the all photographs should be a realistic treatment of its subject(s) and strive to portray values such as compassion, harmony, and righteousness. Each work should be labeled with a theme or subject.
    • For submissions to the News and Global Events category, please provide a brief introduction of the news and/or event related to the image.
    • During the first stage of the selection process, the organization committee will inform applicants if they have been chosen to continue to the final round. Applicants who will be entering the final competition will be asked to submit high quality JPG format file as well as full-sized versions of their photographs (with the longest side being sixteen inches sharp). Submitted entries will not be returned to the applicants.
  3. III. Format of entries:
    • All entries should be in JPG format, and be uploaded to the designated website. If an extenuating circumstance prohibits you from uploading the file via the Internet, a DVD with the JPG files may be mailed. The size of the files must be between 500 KB and 4 MB. Entries that do not conform to these parameters will not be accepted.
    • File Name: The name of the image files must be in English and follow the following pattern: [Country-City-Name-Category-Subject.jpg]
      Example: China-Beijing-WangWei-C-TheRoadofHope.jpg
  4. III. Eligibility:
    • The Chinese International Photography Competition is meant to be a celebration of photography produced by those sharing a Chinese ancestry. If you believe you are at least part Chinese, you are encouraged to enter the contest.

Award Placement

  1. One Grand Award (US$5,000)
  2. The following awards for each category (News and Global Events, Society and Humanity, Nature and Landscapes) will be set.
    • One Gold Award: US$2,000;
    • Two Silver Award: US$1,000;
    • Three Bronze Award: US$500;
    • Ten Honorable Mentions awards: Certificate.
  3. All selected entries will be awarded a certificate of participation.
  4. All selected entries will be exhibited at a photography exhibition to be held in New York City, USA.


  1. Dates:
    All entries must be submitted to the organization committee by August 30th, 2012, 12:00 p.m. (EST) (or be validated by an official stamp on that date, if sent by mail).
  2. Methods of Registration:
    Select one of the following three methods.
    1) Internet: http://photo.ntdtv.com (preferred)
    2) Email: Photo(AT)globalcompetitions.org (preferred)
    3) Mail: 229 W. 28th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001, U.S.A.
    ATTN: Organization Committee of NTD Television Chinese International Photography Competition.
  3. Hotline: 1-646-736-2988; Fax: 1-212-918-3479
  4. Registered Express Mail Fee: For contestants who need U.S. entry visa, please indicate this on the competition registration form. Also, please pay US$35 Registered Express Mail Fee for visa documents mailing.

Competition Procedures

  1. Applicants should fill out and submit the registration forms (available on the competition website).
    Please fill out the appropriate competition category(ies), series number(s) and entry title(s), the participant’s full name (must be identical to his or her personal I.D.), name of country, mailing address, email address, and phone number. Those who do not want their names to be published may specify a pseudonym on the form, which will be the name used if their entries are selected. A brief introduction must also be included.
  2. Submitted entries will be evaluated by the Panel of Judges, and selected entries will be publicized on the competition’s website prior to October 7th, 2012.
  3. From those chosen as finalists, the panel of judges will determine the winners from all submitted full-sized photographs. The winning entries will be announced on the competition’s website prior to November 7th, 2012.
  4. Photography Exhibition and Award Ceremony: All selected entries will be exhibited at the Calumet Photographic Gallery (22 W. 22nd Street, New York, U.S.A.) in New York City from November 4th to 25th, 2012. The winning photographers will be invited to attend the award ceremony.


  1. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer. Any photograph used by NTD Television shall carry the photographer's credit line; use may include publication in any NTD Television media sponsor publication (including, but not limited to, The Epoch Times). All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by NTD Television for marketing and promotional purposes, including, but not limited to, exhibitions, print, and digital media. There will be no monetary compensation. However, if the entrants were used in any commercial mode (including, but not limited to, sales of photos, postcards, calendars, etc.), NTD Television or related business would agree to offer 40% of the profit (defined as the revenue subtracted by related cost and tax) to the corresponding photographer.
  2. The organization committee cannot be held liable for any disputes regarding submitted entries’ portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, copyrights, trademark rights, etc.


  1. Once an entry has been submitted, the applicants must abide by all the rules and regulations of the competition.
  2. All the applicants should comply with the decisions made by the organization committee. If a breach of rules or regulations has occurred, the organization committee is entitled to void the entry and request a return of the prizes awarded.
  3. All decisions made by the panel of judges are final, and no appeals may be taken.
  4. The organization committee has the ultimate authority to interpret the rules of the competition and has the right to make changes to the rules and regulations of the competition as they deem necessary.
  5. Due to the limited resources, we can not guarantee timely response to your request in writing. Please check the website for any updates.
  6. Any further amendment will be posted on the website and shall be followed accordingly.

The Organization Committee of NTD Television Chinese International Photography Competition
Created on January 20th, 2012